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Technical Specifications Frequently Asked Questions



  1. Why is my freehub body dragging?
  2. For hubs that developed this problem over time, the axle or sleeve is simply worn down. To fix this, replace axle or sleeve to restore freehub body clearance. This is a normal long term wear pattern that can be accelerated by loose end caps, dirt contamination or heavier riders. To clean hub internals, undo both end caps and remove freehub body. Thoroughly clean all visible areas as well as the freehub itself. Once cleaned, apply small amount of medium weight oil to the pawls on the freehub body (they are on the back of the freehub, held in by the spring). Next, apply a light oil to the internals of the hubshell. Finally, put the wheel back together and torque BOTH end caps to 100 in-lbs.

  3. Is my older carbon wheel safe to ride?
  4. As with any carbon fiber bicycle component, inspect periodically for cracks, gouges and separations in the carbon. If ANY of these conditions are found, discontinue use of the product. If you have any questions or concerns on what to look for, feel free to contact our service department.

  5. Is there a special magnet for PBO spokes?
  6. When buying your magnet, specify that you need one that will fit over-sized spokes.

  7. Do you still make the Rev X?
  8. No, the Rev X was discontinued in 1999 and they are no longer available. Technology marches on and the new wheels are far superior in every way!

  9. Do you offer a trade-in for older wheels?
  10. Yes we do, it is called our 'No Fault Replacement,' or NFR program. The Spinergy NFR program will give you a credit of 20-25% off any set of current Spinergy wheels. Inquire within for more program details!

  11. How much does it cost to fix my wheel?
  12. Spinergy only offers no charge service to wheels covered under our one-year limited warranty period. All other repairs will vary depending on parts cost and labor time. The current labor rate is $70 USD per hour.

  13. What freehub body works with the Rev X?
  14. Spinergy does not stock the freehub body that used to be used with these wheels, they were discontinued by our supplier. However, you can find a compatible freehub body by doing an internet search for: Ultegra 6402 8 speed freehub body

  15. Can my Rev X or Rev Roks be repaired?
  16. As with all carbon fiber products, once the carbon has been damaged it is no longer safe. This is the perfect time to trade-in those old wheels and take advantage of our NFR program!

  17. How do I send my wheels back for warranty evaluation?
  18. To obtain a Return Authorization (RA) number, please be ready to supply the following information to our service department: -copy of original receipt (if wanting work covered under warranty) -name -phone number / email address -return shipping address (for UPS, no PO Boxes) -product name -problem with the wheel -billing information (for out of warranty product) When packing the wheel, clearly place RA# on the outside of the box. Remove cassette, tires, tubes, wheel magnets, rim tape and skewers BEFORE sending in for service. Include all parts from the wheels, if it has been taken apart already. Failure to comply with the above mentioned guidelines can result in significant delays or a 'return to sender.' Typical turn around time is 5-14 days, once the wheel has been received at our facility.

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