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Hardcore Sitting

Backflip in a wheelchair... Check   Handplant a quater pipe.... Check

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Mike Young

Welcome to Spinergy Mike!! 
Mike Young is the newest member of the Spinergy athletes that will be making some big waves in 2010.  We are happy to have Mike representing with our PBO handcycle wheels and we expect to see him leading the pack all the way.  Training with the living legend David Bailey has given Mike a small taste of victory and now he is ready to be #1.  We are confident that Mike is going race the way he trains,  runs his business, and how he used to race MX bikes which is fast paced and never settling for 2nd place. 
Mike Young Jr. was paralyzed after a hard landing on a 90ft jump during the National Championship race in April of 1997.  After winning 3 national titles in previous years, Mike was ready to put number 4 in the bank when things took a turn.  A big turn but that lead him on a new path and has now made him a member the Spinergy team.  At Spinergy we don't make excuses we look for answers and solutions.  Mike is going to fit in perfectly.
If you don't know about Big Gun Exhaust systems then you should take the time to learn.  If you haven't heard the name Mike Young before, get ready to hear it over and over again when the winners are announced.  We are proud to have Mike represent us and look forward to a very exciting 2010 and beyond!!

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Official wheel of the NWBA

Spinergy is proud to be the official wheel of the NWBA
(National Wheelchair Basketball Association). 

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