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Maintenance and Inspection Notice and Advisory
As with all wheels, there needs to be periodic maintenance and inspection for structural integrity. This is even more important with carbon fiber wheels, and this applies to past and present models. Therefore, failure to properly inspect and maintain your wheels can lead to failure of the wheels and serious injury to the rider. A brief description of the necessary inspections is below. However, please contact Spingery, Inc. for assistance with a detained inspection of its products.

With our newly designed Stealth carbon fiber road wheels and aluminum rim wheels, please periodically check the entire rim for cracks and / or bulging of the carbon fiber (if applicable) and aluminum brake track. If any cracks, separations or bulging is found in the rim (carbon or aluminum) the wheel should no longer be used. The rider or mechanic should also check the spokes for wear and replace as needed.

Previous Models (Including Rev X):
On older models, specifically the Rev X series of wheels, please inspect the entire wheel on a regular basis. If any cracks, separations or bulging is found in the rim, the wheel should no longer by used. (see "Special Note" below) All components on a rider’s bike should fall under these guidelines, as normal wear and tear can cause gear to break without notice.

No Fault Replacement Program:
For wheels that fall outside of our standard warranty, we will offer the No Fault Replacement Program. With this program, if you turn in an older model wheel, we can pass a great discount to you for a brand new set of Spinergy wheels. The new Stealth wheels are superior in every way and are made with a more traditional design. It’s a great way for you to try out our new patented PBO spokes...if you haven’t tried them yet, you’re missing out!

Special Note:
Spinergy ceased production of the Rev X wheels in 1999 and we are well aware that the wheels are still being used, both recreationally and for racing. As with all carbon fiber products, we recommend these wheels to be inspected on a regular basis due to the age of the wheels. All carbon fiber areas on the wheel should be inspected for cracks (these could be hairline fractures, ensure you look carefully). If any cracks are found, do NOT ride the wheels. Take them to a licensed mechanic or call Spinergy, Inc. at 760-496-2121 and have them inspected further.


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