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Below are testimonials from Spinergy customers.  If you have a testimonial that you would like to submit, please click here to contact us.

True Tracking

They felt nice and stiff climbing and track very true descending.
Ryan Barnett
CEO, Blue Competition Cycles

Super Fast

Super fast, comfortable and gave me the extra edge I was looking for.
Peter Clode
Professional Triathlete and sponsored Spinergy Athlete
Light and Fast!!!
These wheels are amazing, its remarkable how these wheels just maintain a high speed and track rough terrain extremely well.  When I'm flying down the hill the wheels feel very light and they are quick to accelerate when I start the climb uphill. I had no idea how much my last wheel set was holding be back, from the first ride around the parking lot to flying down one of my local trails it was like someone had added a motor to them that was propelling me faster then ever before.
PJ Dailey
Professional Athlete
Super Light and Fast!
My name is Marta. I am on the JETCycling junior women's elite team. The wheels that you gave us are super light, and look so fast! This weekend I went to a cyclocross camp, and got so many complements on them! They are truely amazing, and I love them! I also want to thank you for supporting the promotion of women's cycling.
Marta Morris
JETCycling Junior Womens Elite Team
Marta Morris - JETCycling Junior Women's Elite Team


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