2019 Knolly CACHE

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2019 Knolly CACHE

First time owning a drop-bar, skinny wheeled bike. Having come from the world of any & all aspects in MTB'ing, guess it was time. After a few test rides on a few friends, I knew I needed to reach out to my pals at Knolly. While, owning a few steel framed bikes in my past, I knew I would want that feel in the concept that is "Gravel Riding". 
After putting the parts list to the Christmas list, one key was a reliable wheel set. Having known the awesomeness that was SPINERGY, I hit up Paul with his suggestion & well, have been loving every mile ever since! The matchy match in color options was a bonus point as well!


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Drop bar is not common before

Drop bar is not common before, posting it from 4 years ago makes so much sense.

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Upon its debut the Cache was

Upon its debut the Cache was only available in titanium, which is awesome… but expensive. 
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