Outdoor Wheel Package

  • Package Includes -

  • Wheel: Spinergy Light Extreme “LX”
  • Wheel Sizes: 22”, 24”, 25”
  • Push Rim: Silver Aluminum - Installed
  • Tires: Kenda Nevegal (black*) - Installed
  • Axles: Steel Spinergy Axles
  • Hub Colors: Black or Silver
  • Spoke Color Options: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Orange, Green, Pink
  • *Ano Color Rims & Hubs Available in the following Colors: Red, Orange, Gold, Green, Blue, Purple
  • * Additional charge for ano colors


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*22”/24” sizes use Kenda’s Non-Marking DR Compound. Non marking performance is not guaranteed and may vary depending on surface.


Additional Options + Accessories

(Additional cost to base package)

Handrim Options (additional cost is for pair)

Handrims Additional Cost Sizes
Natural Fit LT Call for quote 22", 24", 25"
Natural Fit Surge LT Call for quote 22", 24", 25"
Titanium Embossed Call for quote 22", 24", 25"

Axle Options (additional cost is for pair)

Axles 4" Length 4.25" Length 4.5" Length 4.75" Length
Steel Standard Standard Standard Standard
Titanium Call for quote Call for quote Call for quote Call for quote


Wheel Bag Call for quote



Wheel Size Total Diameter with Nevegal Tires Tire Width
22" (501) 23.25" 1.95"
24" (540) 25.50" 2.10"
25" (559) 26.50" 1.95"



Our Outdoor wheel package is designed with push efficiency and wheelchair performance in mind. By selecting the correct wheel size, you can minimize the change to ride height compared to your standard street wheels. Example - If your everyday wheels are 24” (540) with a 1” tire, then by selecting the 22” (501) Outdoor Package the ride height could stay the same or be reduced by only ~ ¼” (exact results can vary).

How to measure your axles: