MXX 30 - Carbon

Available Colors: 


per pair

Selected colors are for all spokes, except for Spinergy and LT editions. If you want specific patterns or single color swaps, select custom.

Introducing our new carbon MXX 30, our new lightweight, bomb-proof MTB wheel. The MXX 30 comes standard with our new and improved hub design, the "44" hub. A Beefier hub with bigger internals, featuring 108 points of engagement, help you generate more torque and transfer of power for out of saddle efforts. We upgraded to a 44mm ratchet rings and offer compatibility with Shimano Micro Spline 12-speed and Campagnolo Ekar 13-speed groupset. The "44" hub has been updated to include a slip-fit system to easily swap out end caps to accommodate, 15mm,12mm or QR axles, helping you "future-proof" your wheelset.

The MXX 30 features a new 30mm internal carbon rim width to accommodate wider tire compatibility. Whether you are on a trail run, cross country, or racing, the MXX 30 provides the comfort and traction you need. The 26mm profile rim with PBO spokes maintain a lightweight wheelset that can be set up as tubeless. Developed for racers and riders alike looking for a superior advantage over other standard wheel designs.

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