ZX-1 Lithium Package


For ZX-1 users who will be using the power add-on on a more consistent, or all-day basis, the Lithium Battery upgrade option doubles the unit's range to a minimum of 10 miles (16km). That means more power to cover more distance on a single charge. Additionally, this battery is easy to maintain and does not require full depletion before being plugged back into an electrical source. A perfect upgrade for those who rely heavily on their power option; for city-dwellers, students navigating campuses, or those who want more time on outdoor trails.

Also included in the kit besides the upgraded cable system will be the Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS regulates the voltage between the two batteries and balances the cells during charging as well as during use. If the user’s Lithium Kit powered ZX-1 is approaching a low battery voltage the BMS will alert the user with a small audible beep that a charge is required soon. If the user ignores this warning and doesn’t look at their joystick charge indicator until the point where the unit dies, the BMS stores power reserve so that the user can still electrically detach from the ZX-1.

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